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Dallas County: (972) 745-8855  Tarrant County: (817) 442-0700

Planting Red Oak Trees

A Better Arborist® Tree Service planted this 18-inch caliper Red oak tree (above) in the Dallas area using a 120-ton crane.  Trees are available in 4-inch to 18-inch caliper sizes with a one-year warranty. A crane must be used for any tree installation over a 9 inch caliper. Large variety of specimen trees are available. Call A Better Arborist® for prices.

Planting Palm Trees from Five to Fifty Feet 
A Better Arborist® will install any palm tree, up to 50 feet. We have special cranes and service equipment, so rest assured that your new investment is in good hands.

Did you know that 99% of all people neglect to take care of palm trees properly? They over or under water and plant too deeply or too shallow. Palm trees need to be in raised beds for proper drainage. They don't like "wet feet." Call today for a consultation on installation and care of palm trees.

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Dallas County: (972) 745-8855
Tarrant County: (817) 442-0700
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