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Many different things can affect the removal of a tree. The location of the tree, its height, its width, the number and size of the tree's branches or limbs, and other factors, such as the tree's proximity to utility lines or other obstacles, determine the ease or difficulty of removal. Access to the tree is also important in terms of how easy or how difficult it is to easily get the equipment we need on site for efficient removal of the tree. For these and other reasons we suggest that you call for one of our experts to give you a professional bid or quote on your tree removal. For your protection, whether you are dealing with A Better Arborist®, or another Dallas tree surgeon, we strongly suggest, for your own protection, that you get a complete written bid and job description of  your project. 

Tree removal typically includes bringing the tree down to ground level with optional stump removal. A Better Arborist®  is fully equipped to haul away the tree trunk, large branches, and all debris. Sometimes it is necessary to cut the trunk into smaller sections before removal. 

 For information on stump and root removal click here

 When trees are near buildings, the tree cannot just be just cut down and sawn apart. The tree is typically divided into segments and each segment to be cut must be "roped down." The climber ties a rope around the piece to be cut off. After cutting, the section of wood is lowered slowly to the ground to protect buildings and other property adjacent to the site. 

If trees are too near utility lines, an inspection by the utility company may be required, but only rarely.

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